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This is how we’re different

Psychedelic Integration in Southeast Michigan

An Altered State is not your routine therapeutic approach. We help our clients process their recent psychedelic experience in another altered state using our Insight-Driven Hypnotherapy Process (IHP). Our insight-first method combines two different altered states into one therapeutic experience and thereby guiding our clients to a new therapeutic level.

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This is what we do

Psychedelic Integration

We help you integrate your psychedelic experience into practical, action-oriented, and purposeful applications.

Insight-Driven Hypnotherapy Process (IHP)

IHP accelerates your therapeutic process by driving you straight to the source of the problem. The key to developing new healthy patterns is Identifying the source of the underlying emotion.


Our processing method is geared to take specific insights gained from your altered-state experience and apply them to the perspective of your life.

Creating Change Through An Altered State

PTI process


We will guide you through an explanation of our process and identify goals of therapy.

Treatment-Psychedelic Therapy Consultation

A detailed assessment and evaluation that will help us determine how our method will benefit you.


Change comes through integration. Our emphasis on the integration of the psychedelic experience is what makes us different.

Introspection through An Altered State

We are experts at teaching you how to navigate your psychedelic experience. With years of participation in altered states, I was left with creating our PTI and IHP method. We have done our own therapeutic work and have learned how to ensure that you will develop the necessary awareness to receive value during your trip. An altered state has shown us how to breakthrough our own traumas and leave them in the past.

Trust us to go on your journey with you and we will support you every step of the way. Directing your awareness will make or break your journey. We have you covered!

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Alex Dixon

Alex Dixon

Like many others, there was a moment in my life when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to accomplish with my career. After I dropped out of college, I made the choice that I couldn’t live this life anymore. I found myself back in school, and I decided to major in social work to better understand who I am. Through this contemplation and inward journey, I was able to find stability in my Life. My journey to self-discovery included assisting others. Becoming a therapist came from the joy and pleasure of helping others overcome obstacles and problems using the therapeutic process. Thus, my mission as a therapist became helping others find success and enjoyment in their life.”

Alex is a licensed therapist specializing in working with individuals struggling with trauma, anxiety, and depression. In addition to using his psychedelic integration method, PTI and IHP, Alex also uses a combination of CBT, Hypnotherapy, and EMDR to better assist healing trauma and helping individuals get to the source of the problem.

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